Marketing efforts should involve blogs as word of mouth (mouse) can spread fast when the right blog mentions a product or service and the right people read the blog. Bloggers tell it like it is, an advantage over traditional media. If a product or service is blogged by the right blogger with a large (or right) audience, it could lead to buzzing in the blogosphere.

Media and bloggers most likely subscribe to alerts or PRWeb notification services. You can set up an account to receive notifications when PR Web has results matching your keywords. I’ve blogged about some of the releases that I picked up through PRWeb.

Marketers who do their homework to find the right blogs and send an email to the blogger without sounding like a promotion stand a chance of making something happen. Like traditional media, building a relationship with the blogger works.

One company kept sending me releases… sometimes two or three in one day. I wrote back and told the company that the product wasn’t right for my audience. Yet, the company continues bombarding me with releases. I’ve set up a filter so its emails go in the junk folder.

I’ve been on the other side where I do the press release sending. When I write releases, I include story ideas where possible, avoid sounding like a PR machine, and make it interesting with the audience in mind — why would the recipient’s audience care about this story? I also stay away from sending too many follow ups and wait between releases (depends on the resource as I distributed releases for different organizations).

The key is to find balance between promoting a company, product, or service and providing valuable information without sounding promotional.