Table Rock Lake is located in the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri. The lake itself was created in the late 1950s when Table Rock Dam was created. The creation of the resultant lake destroyed only one village, the village of Oasis which was situated on the south side of Long Creek across the stream from Goat Hill just outside the mouth of Big Cedar Hollow.

Today most of the recreational diving sites on Table Rock Lake are downstream from Kimberling City. On an off note, if you do go diving in one of these locations you may want to seek out Jill’s in Kimberling City on the way home for one of the finest rib or chicken dinners out there. Back on track this lower end of Table Rock Lake has some of the clearest water making several destinations perfect diving sites.

One such location is Duck Island which is located off State Park. At this location you will find on the eastern side a 25’ sunken cruiser that is sunk in 45’ of water. Then just two miles south of Duck Island you will find Breezy Point, the Saddle and Breezy Island. This location has a natural steep, narrow ridge that runs underwater out from the west shore and then rises to form Breezy Island also making it a fine place for diving.

Further up Long Creek, is the flooded town of Oasis, which is covered over by 100’ of water. Deep dives in this location will provide the diver with a glimpse of the once quaint little town that includes its one-lane bridge, foundations and building rubble. However, being under water since 1957 has left little remaining of the settlement.

In a large cove north of Table Rock Dam lies the Enchanted Forest. This area provides a breathtaking view of a large grove of submerged hardwood trees which is also home to a wide variety of fish.

In Jacques Creek, a tributary of Table Rock, lies the sunken Zebulon Pike, a 90’ excursion boat that was formerly known as the Branson Belle. The name was changed to prevent confusion with the still floating well-known Showboat Branson Belle. The Zebulon was actually placed in this location to create a pleasurable diving experience.

In close proximity to the Zebulon Pike you will find Jake’s Point Island where there is a large submerged cabin cruiser on its southwest side. Two other submerged boats lie on the lake floor downstream of Kimberling Bridge, at Point 7 and between Points 6 and 7. Both rest somewhere between 40’ and 45’ in depth.

This is in no way the only diving sites available to the adventurous diver but other locations may require more diving experience than these as they are much deeper dives. People seeking this type of adventure should seek the assistance of a diving guide service.

However, one must not limit their southern Missouri experience to just visiting these diving sites or you will miss out on the many others adventures this part of the country holds. One such adventure would be a visit to Branson, Missouri with its host of shows, shopping, and dining offerings. Here for the kids you will find Silver Dollar City, Celebration City, Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede, and a Titantic Display that features many artifacts from the original vessel. So while visiting us here in Missouri plan to stay a while I am sure that the friendly people and midwest hospitality will make your experience something you will never forget.

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