This is hot news that is really going to make your day and will complete your life in all of its glory. Yes, the liars are all out this morning making false claims, as to who is the king of console sales for the month of October. At first I was going to provide links to the articles and press releases, but then another thought struck me. By doing that I would actually be condoning what these yo-yos are reporting and become a part of the plot to spread more FUD.

You know FUD. Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

One article claimed that it was the mighty Microsoft and its Xbox 360 that is the champion of sales. But than there is another article citing the exact same sales source which states that the Wii was actually the sales leader. The only thing I actually found that might be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is that no one claimed that the PS3 was the real sales leader. Of course the day is still young and maybe Sony to to busy counting their cash assets from their other electronic sales to be baited into the FUD arena.

I even read one comment that stated Microsoft fudged on its sales figures by throwing in the sale of Halo3. Say what?

Anyway, do a Google and you will find plenty of FUD articles for your reading enjoyment.

Comments welcome.

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