Since I first started contributing here at Lockergnome, I have had reader after reader asking me what it takes to succeed in the computer repair (consulting) business. Besides myself, I am sure that Matt Wilkinson, one of my favorite IT Professionals contributors, who has maintained a successful repair biz himself, would have a number of thoughts on the matter. To put it bluntly – it’s a tough industry. Certainly not for the lazy or the faint of heart. From managing time to diagnosing PC problems, it’s a job for people with an iron gut and a lot of patience.

I think my lack of an ability to vent some of the stress was largely reflected by the “off my rocker” writing style at the time. These two articles speak for themselves. Man, I really needed help back then!

Well I have been out of the computer repair industry for a few years now and I have to say, it was the right move for me based on wanting to grow into new career challenges. I have learned a lot since making the transition out of the field yet at the same time have found that much of what I knew back then, along with some tips that I learned over the last few years, are largely being wasted in my already overburdened brain. And this brings me to an announcement.

Since the latter part of 2004, I have had people asking me to put something together to help them start-up or just enhance their existing computer repair business. Well, that request has just been fulfilled. You will learn:

  • Five of the most common mistakes PC Repair Techs make in their business.
  • A complete series on attracting new clients – Part One.
  • How to keep the clients you already have, even when you increase your rates.
  • Further monetizing existing clients – forget about VAR nonsense, consider something that actually provides a passive, valuable income stream with effort put forth just once.
  • Close examination of what the ‘big boys” like Geek Squad are doing wrong and how to profit from it.
  • Plus a daily feed of the latest short tips, all relevant and solving problems you are facing in this industry.

What I think is going to make this entire effort so cool, is being able to mix some of my own trade secrets from way back when, along with tricks and marketing ideas I have learned from working as a writer inside of the industry itself. Believe me, I have learned some lessons that would have easily tripled my income had I know about them back in 2003 and before. Talk about your V8 moments!

The technical how-to stuff that is answered here at JustAskMatt will continue on like always. But I wanted to create a solid outlet for those who are crazy enough to “out” themselves as full/part time computer consultants. Mark my words, if you utilize half of what I am teaching on the new Lockergnome channel, you will see results. Most of my posts deal with creating solutions for techs in their local markets. Remember, if my advice is making you money, then the chances are fair you will keep reading. And that is why most people get into this cyclonic circus we call computer repair (consulting) in the first place, is it not?

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