One of the most common PPT questions we get on the newsgroup is how to add sound to a presentation so that the slides will keep going while the sounds play. The FAQ entry for this question has got to be the most frequent answer I give to any question.

Up until now, the FAQ entry has been a text entry that describes how to do it in 2002 and 2003. Since not all of us learn by reading, I created a quick screencast to show the process. While I was at it, I decided to record two other videos that show the process for 2007 and the resulting presentation with the audio.

You can find links to the videos in the PPT FAQ entry:

Play sounds across multiple slides (A WAV runs through it)

If you want to see the videos without going to the FAQ entry, they should appear below in a few moments. FYI: Those should be minatures, but that still isn’t working. So, instead you just get the links.

PowerPoint 2003 and 2002
Video 1 – the process in PowerPoint 2007:
Video 2 – the result in PowerPoint 2007