I was browsing through my clan’s forums today and I came across a rather interesting thread about MMOs with his question being:

Any MMORPGs worth playing and putting time into? Know any? Just drop the name and site here. :]

I then replied saying:

If you really want to get into a MMO then choose Eve. 1. Because the game is HUGE; you literally get a universe to play with. 2. Full of mature dedicated gamers who actually enjoy helping people out even if they don’t gain anything. And finally it is the most ruthless MMO out there, because you can be killed ANYWHERE in the game. You really have to be on your toes, especially when you drop below 0.6 space.

Only downside to the game is that it has a very steep learning curve and my advice would be to not try and learn everything straight away. If you can get a few friends to join with you, then it’s all the more better and try to get into a big well structured corp early on so you can always find help when you need it and they might just be kind enough to give you a nice welcome gift.

From my vast experience of MMO I have found that WoW is really just a waste of time, you spend most of the time grinding just to grind some more which seems pointless in the long run. But it does have a wide variety of loot which is always nice.

Guild wars would be another good alternative but only if you enjoy the PvP side of MMOs, and it also doesn’t escape the grind factor because you will need to grind for most of the titles in the game and a lot of money to get the rest. But it is still a great PvP game with a chance will win real prizes every month and with a lot of weekly events it keeps the game fresh.

City of Heroes and Villains is also very good but I would tend to go for Heroes over Villains because a lot more people play Heroes and there is a general meeting place where everyone goes which is nice when you need help. The downside is that you are just grinding for XP and for nothing else; they have recently introduced a crafting system but I haven had much time to dabble with that but it seems good enough. The PvP is great with huge areas to fight against different people e.g. Heroes V Villains also if you get a level 50 character you can unlock 2 new races which is nice to brag about because they both get flight from the off and get some nice Auroras.

Sooo, in conclusion most MMOs will take up a lot of your time but if you want one that will last in the long run then I would go with Eve Online. If you can get past the learning curve, then you will get the most out of it. With the added bonus that you can officially buy time cards with in-game money, it’s all the more reason to get stuck in. In a future update they will also be upgrading the entire game for DX10 and hopefully have the ability to get outside of your ship.

So, I was wondering if anyone else plays MMOs and generally what your opinion of them is. I have tried a lot of MMOs and tried to give each one a fair go to get the best out of each one with only a few being an ok game to play, with only Eve Online making me want to keep on playing. But when it comes down to it, most MMOs are more like a second job with the emphasis on grinding.