Technology isn’t always the easiest industry to be involved in. While many people do possess somewhat natural technical competence, there are others who will be dumbfounded by certain things no matter how much you try to help them understand what’s going on. Even those of us who are involved in this stuff each and every day have to work to keep up with what’s moving and shaking. If you aren’t interested in constantly learning new things, then being involved professionally in the technology industry isn’t for you, because you’ll be left behind if you don’t. All of us at one time or another are going to need to ask questions, and when you’re stuck, it’s nice to have a resource to use to get help. Quomon aims to connect you with the right answers to your questions.

The service provides access to IT professionals who may be able to assist you in finding the solutions to your problems. Not only can you ask questions on topics such as .NET, AJAX, HTML, and Windows, but you can also help to answer questions if your knowledge would be of use to someone else. Quomon works off of a point system, and if you’re able to help people out on multiple occasions, then you’ll be recognized and ranked against other experts, and who knows, you might even get job offers from your work in lending a helping hand.