We all have questions at times, and when we find ourselves wondering about something, we usually ask our close friends or family members to help us out. The nice thing about this is that we receive personal responses, but there are also occasions when you want an answer fast without having to talk to someone, and in this case, a search engine can provide some assistance. It may not exactly be personal and direct, but it can do the job. Now, what if you’re away from your computer but would still like a quick and personal answer? In this situation, Mosio is the answer.

This mobile community gives you the ability to text questions that you may have from your phone, and in turn, you’ll receive answers from real people instead of an inanimate search engine. Mosio members want to help each other out, and if you watch the activity on the site, you’ll see for yourself that there are some helpful people out there. You may think that it would take an hour or so to receive responses from others, but on average, it only appears to take a couple of minutes. Certain questions may take longer, but the responses should still flow in quickly.