Is the OLPC [One Laptop Per Child] project doomed to fail? It seems that this once great project to provide an affordable laptop to the worlds poor has run into a stone wall which was built by Intel and Microsoft. Why would these two industry giants want to crush this non-profit from the planet? Money and greed come to mind.

One billion customer base. That is what both Intel and Microsoft sees as this new market develops. One billion poor souls who may have never even heard of these mega giants. Countries in which the government may be open to cash incentives to purchase a piece of software or hardware. Something which the OLPC project can not compete against.

What is rather strange about this entire involvement by Intel, is that this company has never produced a computer before up until now. One could surmise that Intel decided to compete against the OLCP project when they decided to use the AMD chip instead of one from Intel.

As for Microsoft, they see the spread of Linux on the OLPC and Intel system as a threat as well. So they are now reaching out to the OLPC program with a trimmed down Windows OS.

But will the OLPC program be able to survive when these two technology giants enter the picture?

What do you think?

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