Reader Michael 2005 posted this question and I thought I would toss it out here, to see if anyone could help him with his problem. He stated:

Ron: 11-20-07 (Tues)
Hi! I am intending to replace Palm LifeDrive & iPod with the UMPC – OQO’s Model 02. I’ve read on both Microsoft’s & Palm’s websites that Vista will NOT work with Palm’s HotSync nor DataViz’s Documents To Go (both Windows-based software). As I want to use my old Palm OS software on the OQO (in its own partition), I will have to use a Palm OS emulator. Thus, I think that I will need 3 partitions = (1) Windows Tablet PC, (2) Windows Vista, & (3) Palm software. The OQO comes with 1G RAM & 120 Gb HD along with Tablet PC functionality (digitizer pen, screen rotation) & Windows Table PC edition (can choose Vista also). It is my understanding that the only need for Windows XP will be (1) for the Palm OS emulator (to run the Palm software) & (2) for the Windows software – HotSync & Docs To Go. Is this possible? Am I being too ambitious? The total package for the OQO will be about $4,600 (no other software but OS). I’m even curious if one could boot the OQO into an iPod OS to run iTunes without loading a full OS (to save battery life).

Please comment. This is an expensive undertaking & I don’t want to screw it up. I’m tired of carrying around my Palm LifeDrive (which has been discontinued) & my 3rd generation iPod (which now won’t run past 30 min). As Steve Jobs has gone over to the dark side (i.e., new iPod has chip to prevent unauthorized – “old” – accessories from being used), I won’t be purchasing another iPod for any reason. Really want to just carry 1 device and the OQO may be it. Yikes.

My first reaction when I read what Michael 2005 wanted to do was ” I don’t have a clue!”. LOL  I’m not familiar with the UMPC make and model he is referring to, though I did take a look at the web site.

If anyone has any suggestions, please post your comments.

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