In looking through some of the comments, I have noticed that some folks are posting questions regarding some issues they are having on their systems. Though I try to answer most of the questions as best I can, some issues may be better answered if posted in one of the forums that cater to computer help. Over the years I have found that the forums are staffed by some of the most knowledgeable folks on the internet, who have expert advice and can provide some very helpful suggestions. Some of the forums that I personally belong to and recommend are:

Lockergnome Help Forum: This forum started by Chris many years ago is staffed by computer experts who are proficient in many areas and can provide excellent computer assistance.

Website is here.

Scots Newsletter Forum: This forum is also an excellent source for help. The Linux forum is one of the best on the internet and is staffed by a group of experts who are very helpful in answering your Linux problems.

Website is here.

KRC Forum: This is a small forum that is also staffed by experts, including a fellow MVP who is extremely knowledge. This is a small forum and is ideal for those of you who are new to computing.

Website here.

How do you join a forum? Simple. You just sign up for a username and password and once completed, you are ready to post your questions. All of the above forums provide free registration.

I’m afraid my question[s] may appear to be stupid?  NO WAY! Every computer user from expert to novice had to learn from scratch. None of his was born with a laptop affixed to our bellies. Put your fears aside when posting a question. These people are there to help you, not ridicule your questions no matter how simple it may appear. This is how we all learned by asking questions.

There are many other forums on the internet that are also excellent choices.

Comments welcome.

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