I love watching movies just like anyone else, but besides a few movies and television shows on DVD, my collection isn’t exactly awe-inspiring. While retail stores like Blockbuster may charge a ridiculous amount of money to rent a single DVD, there are other options. For example, there’s a self-serve kiosk in my area that enables me to rent a DVD for only $1 per day. In this case, renting makes sense for me, and unless the movie is something really special, I don’t need to purchase it on DVD. Of course, many of you have extensive DVD collections, and I Heart Movies will help you to organize them.

Not only can you use this service to record, rate, and share your DVD collection, but you’ll also be able to use it to keep track of who’s borrowed what from you. Film fanatics are a dedicated group of people, and this community is no different. You’ll find users that have added thousands of titles to their collections, and you’ll be able to discuss your passion for movies with them. If you’re interested in finding new movies or learning more about the ones that you’re already familiar with, then be sure to take the time to browse through I Heart Movies.