For those of you who like to live life in the fast lane,  there are some services in Vista that can be changed or disabled to help kick the operating in the butt and improve performance. If you are not familiar with how Windows functions, or who may be afraid on how this procedure works, then these changes may not be for you. But if you want to see how changing these services may help your system performance, than read on.

Over at Black Viper, he has listed all of the services that Vista uses, and makes recommendations on which services can be dumped. He also breaks down the recommendations into 3 categories: ‘Safe’. ‘Tweaked’ and ‘Bare Bones’.  Being the cautious person I am, I decided to give the ‘Safe’ tweaks a try. There are 12 listed, but I chose to give 11 of them a try, keeping ReadyBoost in it’s default setting since I use it.

On the Black Viper site it states that these ‘Safe’ tweaks should be OK for about 95% of the Vista systems.  But as always, there will be some systems that may not perform well after the tweaks are made. So naturally use these at your own peril.

After making the tweaks, I reboot the system and noticed that it was quicker than before. When I made the previous comparisons between Vista SP1 and XP Sp3, I noted that Vista took 1 min. 51 seconds to boot. After the tweaks, Vista booted in 1 min. 10 seconds. Your mileage may vary.

Check out the FAQ’s provided on the site and follow the directions exactly. Especially note that:

Do not use “msconfig” to disable services, type “services.msc” in the Run box instead!

See what you think and let us know your results.

Comments welcome.

Black Viper site is here.

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