Over the last week my apartment complex has been plagued with internet problems.  If the internet is working it is either slow or only partially functional.  While AIM/MSN/Yahoo/etc seem to always work, being able to load a web page before it times out seems to be a new game.

The worst part is, the apartment complex management  seems to think that my computer is the problem.  They suggested that I reformat my computer in order to allow the internet to run better.  Why would I ever take computer advice from a college student who can’t even find a package with my name on it in the mail room?

More importantly, if every person in the complex is complaining about the internet being slow or not working, why would they think that everyone is having a computer problem.  The odds that every single person is having a problem with their computer is nil to zero.  Apartment managers need to realize that college students need internet (my complex is all college students).

This has been an on going problem all year, and I do not see a solution coming any time soon.