For many of us, the holidays are just around the corner. And while I cannot speak for everyone, I have to say, nothing says Happy Holidays like the fun of discovering new source hardware just waiting to be hacked into. And as you might expect, it is Make Magazine presenting the best of the lot.

Which if the provided devices tickles your fancy? Even the software programing readers out there have to appreciate the ability to a TV-B-Gone! Speaking for myself, I am rather fond of the Chumby, as it allows the user to hack together the device to best meet the user’s needs. Not too many gadgets doing that these days, believe me.

So go ahead, take a look at what is out there and then return to this post and share with everyone any of the open source hardware listed in the link above that gets your creative juices going. I am interested in hearing some personal experiences regarding this crazy set of glasses – seriously, is this more than a fashion statement than anything else? Yikes!

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