Reader Don Naphen made a comment about an interesting article over at PC Magazine in which the writer was critical of the new Apple operating system Leopard. There was also some comparisons made between Vista and Leopard, which makes for interesting reading. Though I do not use an Apple system, I can not comment on whether the writer is correct or not in his assumptions about the new OS. But after reading this article and having also used Vista from beta to its final release, one question does come to mind for both operating systems. Why?

The first part of the ‘Why’ question is easy to answer. Both Microsoft and Apple make bundles of cash on a new operating system which in theory should, in my opinion, make using a computer easier and provide for a more pleasurable user experience. One could argue that by adding eye candy to the system and making a new OS sparkle on our screens can be considered more ‘pleasurable’. With this in mind, one can conclude that both Microsoft and Apple have succeeded in this. I am the first to admit that in my experience using both Vista and XP, Vista by far is more eye pleasing. It would appear from reading the article from PC Mag that Leopard for the most part is more eye applealing than Tiger. Again, I don’t use an Apple system and can only base this assumption on what others write.

The second part of the ‘Why’ is hard to define. Moving things around on a system that we have all become familiar with  makes no sense to me. I would imagine that those who work on a new operating system may feel that by moving things around, changing the appearance of icons and adding more menu items to a system which requires a user to click more is a vast improvement over a previous OS. Imagine if you would , going down to buy a new car and finding that the gas and brake peddles on the vehicle have been reversed. When you question the salesperson as to the ‘Why’ you are given an answer that the engineers felt that this new design would enhance your driving experience. Huh? Another new feature we have added is when you turn the steering wheel to the left the vehicle will automatically make a right turn for you. Needless to say that these added new features will add a definite “WOW” to your driving experience.

I am not writing this with the purpose to continue the argument about keeping XP or upgrading to Vista, nor if one should upgrade from Tiger to Leopard. But rather as an observation that just because something is new, doesn’t automatically make it better. The decision to use any OS is best left to you and what you prefer using. Whether a person writes something good or something bad about an OS, the final decision on what is best for you can only be made by you and you alone. 🙂

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PC Mag article here.

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