According to an article over at, Pepsi is going to be offering some 1 billion free music downloads for those who purchase Pepsi products. The announcement will be advertised on this coming Super Bowl which will air on February 3, 2008 and which will provide instructions on how to obtain the free tunes. Though Pepsi is remaining mum on some of the details, this is not the first time the soda maker has tried a similar gimmick to lure folks to their products. According to the article which states the following:

Pepsi’s track record with download giveaways may be motivating labels. According to sources, Pepsi will feature a download promotion on the inside of 5 billion of its soda bottlecaps. Sources say Pepsi customers will need to collect five caps in order to exchange them for a download; this yields the potential for 1 billion redeemable tracks. A Pepsi spokesperson declined to comment.

Pepsi’s first stab at giving away free music downloads, which was conducted in partnership with iTunes in 2004, was also promoted via a highly visible Super Bowl campaign. It resulted in 5 million people downloading free songs in the space of three months-5% of the 100 million tracks that were offered.

While the 5 million digital tracks redeemed in the campaign reportedly fell short of the 25 million target redemption rate, that was in the early days of digital distribution, when Apple was reporting selling digital tracks at a rate of 2.7 million per week.

So this might be a great opportunity to nab some tunes for your music library for free. 🙂

Full article is here.

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