I must admit, this new bill caught me by surprise. And while I certainly applaud the spirit of this new bill (law by now), I think there are some issues that were clearly not addressed.

  • Is it going to be the ISP alone or W-Ffi hotspots as well? Based on the vagueness of this law, this appears to be debatable.
  • They had the right idea with putting a short leash on offenders, but instead, anyone running a hotspot apparently is ultimately responsible for something potentially every expensive – up to $300,000 in fines if you are running a hotspot found not to have reported a child pornographer.

As things stand now, the old laws required the ISPs to handle this, which made sense as they are better equipped. But expecting small hotspots to police things at this level is insane. My mom runs one at her bookstore, I think she may need to consult an attorney as this is a huge liability for offering free wireless to her patrons. Thanks again, lawmakers for leaving penalties lose and allow everyday Americans to pay the price instead. Idiots. Bump up the penalties for the real crooks, no computers for perverts.