Want to know if you descended from a king or a famous pirate? Then a genealogy search may be right up your alley. To begin the search is simple.

First decide who the oldest living member of your family is and see what information they have available for you. Generally, they can at least provide you with the information of their own grandparent’s names and possibly even their great parent’s information. Try to tape or video-record their answers. It is wise to do this as soon as it can be arranged since once this person passes on so does any information that they could have provided you with.

Second, go to your public library or favorite bookstore that will lead you through the process of tracing your family’s roots. You can also search the internet by searching the Google database for additional books or resources to help you in your search.

Thirdly, courthouses and churches often have public records that you have the right to access, like birth records, marriage certificates, baptismal information, probate, military, and death records.

Fourthly, check out the phone directories where you think your family resided during a certain era. This is helpful especially if you have an unusual surname or spelling for your surname. People finder Web Sites are also a great place to look for information, especially for those still living.

Lastly, if any of your relatives were in the military the public library can provide information regarding the addresses for the different branches so that you can request access to public records regarding the individual. This is a great place to find information regarding deceased family members.

Good luck on your search and don’t give up. You may learn that you are the descendent of George Washington or King Louie even though you didn’t inherit their wealth.