I don’t enjoy having my picture taken, and no matter how hard I try to accept it, it just makes me uncomfortable. Because of this, you won’t find very many recent pictures of me in both online and offline photo albums. I’m sure there are plenty of you who feel the same way that I do about this, but even so, there are others who love having their picture taken so that they can display it for people to see. This may be my worst nightmare, but if you’re into this type of thing, then check out Phozi.

Whether you choose to upload a picture of yourself alone or with your friends or take a live webcam picture, you can do it on Phozi. Either before or after the picture is taken, you can add a frame to it, throw in some graphical stamps, and use the pencil tool to write or draw something. A variety of themes are available to help you customize your image, and once you’re done, you can then save and share your creation in most of the ways that you would expect.