One of my son-in-laws named David, owns his own home theater installation business, and during the Thanksgiving holiday brought me a universal remote model MX500 linked below. Most of us now have a range of different remotes around our homes in which to control various devices. In my case I had four. TV, Dish Network, home theater and DVD/VCR combo player. For watching TV the Dish Network remote controls both satellite and TV functions. But when it came to movie time, I was juggling all four remotes to get things functioning properly.

When I first say the MX500 being configured by David, I must admit I was somewhat intimated by the unit. When he was finsihed setting everything up he gave me a brief explanation about the functions and how to use them. But he also knows as I do, we are both hands on users. Another words, take a hike dude and let me play with it for awhile. So after he and his family left I sat down and starting pushing buttons. Some features I couldn’t get to work. So for the first week or so, I was still using my handy Dish Network remote.

But after a few days I learned where everything was and like with most devices, found it very easy to use once I programmed myself. 🙂

Over this past weekend I was able to program a few added functions using the handy guide that came with the unit itself. Sure it was trial and error at first, but after a few missteps, bingo! All was well and working properly.

If you are in the market for a universal remote to replace all the others in your home, [up to 10 devices], take a look at the MX500.

If you have a universal remote that you like, please share your experince with us.

Comments welcome.

Additional information for the MX500 is here.

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