I’ve done some teaching before, but like everyone, I’ve also been a student. These two experiences are obviously very different from one another, but I must say that I enjoy both of them. One of the perceived limitations that goes along with traditional learning is that both the teacher and the student have to be in the same location to benefit, but the Internet has opened up the world of education by enabling teachers and students from all over the world to learn together online from the comfort of their homes. BuddySchool is a catalyst for this.

As a teacher, create a profile and tell visitors about your skills and what you can teach them. If prospective students are interested, they can then try to schedule a lesson with you. As a student, your goal is to browse through the categories and find a lesson that you’re interested in so that you can learn from what the teacher has to say. Free classes may be offered, but teachers are also allowed to charge an hourly rate for their help that can be paid through PayPal and a variety of other methods. If you want to see what you’ll get before you pay the hourly rate, then feel free to schedule a test lesson to determine how competent the teacher actually is.