When it comes to keyboards, I am painfully picky. Basically, I like them to feel almost entirely like a notebook keyboard, all the way down to actual key placement. And it was roughly a year ago, I first wrote this article about my “keyboarding kaos” (chaos) which then led me to this recommendation.

A year later, I am still using my KR-6810 I-Rocks keyboard. I have dropped it, spilled stuff on it, fallen asleep on it, lost it (during a move) and to this day, it happens to be loaded with every kind of cookie crumb known to man. Yet, short of an occasional blast of compressed air, the keyboard has received terrible care and is as solid as when I first bought it. And this was important, believe me. I used to go through keyboards every three months, so this has been simply awesome.

Is this the best keyboard for you? Not so much, as I selected this model based on it feeling like a notebook with its key placement. I think that for most of you, this model would be a better fit as it is full sized, while still providing that I-Rocks low profile key feel that they are known for.

I may not make a fan out of all of you, but if you are sick of the same old, overpriced, over-fluff-filled keyboards from the local big box store, consider upgrading today.

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