Today, Charles asks:

I’m running several computers on a Embarq 660 Series DSL modem which I have I believe the right term would be bridged with a Belkin Wireless G Model: F5D7230-4 router. I have been trying to figure out how to connect then thru the network for file sharing, LAN parties and stuff like that. I have disable the firewall on the router and disable the firewall on the computers and I still can not see any of the computers in the network. How would I go about fixing this? If you have an answer I would be grateful, if not thanks for at least reading my E-mail.

First off, thanks for providing specific details to a very specific question – this makes a world of difference, believe me.

Now based on what you are describing, it sounds like the only challenges here are the router and your file sharing settings. Basically, you will need to setup (again) file sharing itself, as this seems to not have been done all the way through. I am going to assume, that all the computers in question are running Windows XP Home. I would recommend this guide because it provides clean, clear screenshots. Remember to reboot each computer for good measure. As for dealing with your individual firewalls, this tutorial works just great for Windows XP and 2003.

And finally, LAN parties will depend on what port the particular game in question is using. Rather than leave you hanging, using and your existing router information, all you need to do now, is figure out which LAN party game is in question from this list and follow the instructions. Just remember you will need to forward ports for each LAN party PC most likely on the router. Not to worry, each provides screenshots for an easy walk through. Hope this helps.

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