When a woman experiences menopause several key body factors change sometimes taking with them her enjoyment the sexual act. It doesn’t mean that she loves her partner any less just that issues like vaginal dryness, fatigue, and emotional mood swings make the act itself less enjoyable. Even for men, there are many physical challenges such as shrinking prostrates, high blood pressure, or diabetes that can rob them of their desire for sexual intimacy. Basically, anyone over 50 is going to be faced with issues that may decrease their sexual desire.

To counteract these changes you may have to change the way you think about sex. In what ways you might ask. Well, first don’t start out saying no because you aren’t feeling aroused. Instead, say yes to sex even when you’re not in the mood. Often you may find that the games leading up to sex can bring arousal and pleasure with them.

Second, assemble a good support team if you suspect your libido problems may have a medical factor involved. To do this it is important to find yourself the right doctor to help you. This doctor should make you feel comfortable discussing such intimate details.

A knowledgeable doctor is one who will ask a lot of questions and listen carefully as you attempt to describe the problems you are experiencing. This doesn’t mean that even this doctor will have a take two aspirin in the morning answer so be prepared to be patient and to return later if needed to further discuss any additional problems that you might experience. In addition, your physician may choose to prescribe one of many drug options that are available today.

Thirdly, you may be able to increase your libido if you go outside of your comfort zone by trying something new and different for you. You may be uncomfortable at first but just taking the challenge may cause you to become aroused.

Next, confront any fears that you have by putting them out on the table to discuss with your partner. These issues could involve unresolved anger, hurt, or resentment which until dealt with can get in the way of intimacy. Remember in the case of hurt feelings forgiveness not only helps the one you are forgiving but also may heal you of the bitterness that is standing in the way of your sexual satisfaction.

Then set a schedule to insure that you have sex at least once every two weeks. This is necessary to keep the blood flowing in all the right places. While scheduling may seem to businesslike it is important because if you wait until everything is perfect you may be ninety before you ever want sex again.

Lastly, remember that regular exercise will make you feel better and even sexy and when you feel better about your body you don’t mind others seeing you without your cloths on. So don’t give up. Remember that love does not require a perfect body but it does require a lot of patience, work, and honest discussion to lead it to its ultimate conclusion.