Microsoft has started a new program which is being offered to the public, in which for your feedback you will be provided with free software products. Some of the products include Windows Vista, Office 2007 and others Microsoft products. The program itself is fully explained on the Microsoft feedback site but some of  the highlights are:

You can use this website to sign up for one or both parts of the program, but note the following restrictions:

  • Participation is currently limited to US residents of 18 years and older.
  • You are the owner of the computer you use for this program.
  • The automated feedback program is offered to Windows Vista and Windows XP customers only.
  • The survey feedback program applies to all versions of Windows.
  • Microsoft, comScore, and MarketTools employees are not eligible to participate.

The FAQ also describes what may be expected of you:

 How do I enroll for the Program?
When you decide to participate, you will:

  1. Read and agree to the Agreement for joining the Windows Feedback Program.
  2. Enter your personal information.
  3. Complete a 15-minute survey that helps us understand your user preferences and interests. This is important for us because it helps us to target specific research activities to the right audience. For example, if you never play games on your computer, we would not invite you to participate in a survey about games. To register for the program, you have to complete the survey.
  4. Download and install the software if you are joining the automated feedback program.

I would highly recommend that you read all of the requirements and also the FAQ’s so that you fully understand what may be expected of you.

If you are interested in joining the feedback program, you can enroll in the program here.

Comments welcome.

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