Is a VPN so important, that users should consider using them? My answer is that for most people, so long as banking and online ordering is done securely, it is not that important from your home. By using a good firewall and locking down your wireless with WPA, you are relatively safe. The key word is relatively, though. Because if you are a target for some reason, then it is time to upgrade to WPA-Enterprise and start using a VPN for everything.

Aren’t VPN’s a serious hassle? Depends on what you are using and for which OS. I have been leaning with Witopia’s VPN myself as it is fairly strait forward for most Windows users. It can be a bit interesting on Vista, but works fine with XP. Also Mac and Linux users will have success with it as well.

So again, what is it doing for you and should you have access to it? If you do a lot of work from hotel hotspots, need to protect your surfing habits or email due to possible confidentially issues, it’s a really good idea. See, basically your VPN is a private tunnel between you and your data in transit. So IM conversations, email containing company secrets or even a crazy ex-spouse looking to spy on you, all of these ought to be considered.


Another thing I am really liking about Witopia’s offerings is that they now provide a PPTP option for those of us needing something that is not able to use their current SSl client. Believe me, this matters.

So is all of this really needed? Depends, do you like the fact that despite that you have locked down your local network, that your data is open to the world once it leaves your home? I guess it is simply a matter of whether or not you value your privacy.

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