Work based stress seems to be at an all time high. For some more than others, apparently. For myself personally, I have been especially stressed this holiday season, largely because of work juggle that happens when I go to visting family, plan trips and all of that stuff that I would otherwise enjoy. So I think it is important that all of us, when possible, to take a few minutes of “you time”. Even if it’s not for an entire day, what you can take for yourself will be appreciated if you allow yourself to actually relax.

Thinking of this myself, I managed to track down some fairly helpful tips to dealing with stress at the workplace. Yes, even though I am working from home and have for years, don’t kid yourself into thinking that these things do not apply. Will I be able to follow most of them? I sure hope so. Because lapping up coffee, not taking breaks and seeing my schedule haywire has not been terribly successful thus far.

As a matter of fact, I still have work from today that I am going to have to carry over through tomorrow. It may seem like the wrong move to stop now, but the fact is that I need to start enforcing my own cut off times. It’s just a healthier move for me I think. At any rate, have a great weekend everyone!

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