Well, it’s almost that time of year again –to eat, drink, be merry, and perhaps watch a flick or two…

How about one of the following:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas
White Christmas
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Or perhaps one of these:

Black Christmas
The Muppet Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol
All I Want for Christmas
Blackadder’s Christmas Carol

Or one of the following fine films:

The Night Before Christmas
Pluto’s Christmas Tree
Premier Noël
Chasing Christmas
Father Christmas

I bet you hadn’t heard of many of these –and yet, I’ve only just begun…

How many titles do you think the IMDb lists when you search for “Christmas”? (No cheating!)

The correct answer, at the time of writing, is: close to 1,100 (including shows made for television).

I know of no other holiday that has inspired so many movies. Do the same search for “Easter”, and you get less than 100 results. Birthday? Less than 300. New Year? Not even 50.

What is it about Christmas that makes it so special to filmmakers? (Theoretically, you’d expect “birthday” and “new year” to have more “universal” appeal, since they’re not “limited” to a Christian audience!)

I think it’s because Christmas is somehow “similar” to movies –it’s a day that makes us think about how (and who) we want to be, rather than how we are. Just like movies can make us forget our daily chores for a moment, Christmas allows us to look beyond reality, and to see a world of ideals.

Unfortunately, far too quickly, the movie has ended, the day after Christmas has arrived –time for us to go and exchange our presents…

Happy Holidays!