–This Promotion has now ended–

By going to keepingittwisted.com and submitting a few details you can be in with a chance of winning a few prizes, these include:

A trip for two to the Xbox Headquarters in Seattle,
A copy of Forza Motorsport 2 and Fusion Frenzy 2.
A twisted faceplate.
100 Microsoft Points

To get the 48 hours free then you follow these steps below.

1. First go to this link http://www.keepingittwisted.com/xbox_register.aspx
You should see a registration form.

2. Now you create a screen name that is the same as your email so you can get many codes. The email doesn’t need to be valid. IE: [email protected]

3.When it asks for the access code enter: AA4XPN3
You can use this over and over again, then enter the image verification and hit “Let’s Play.”

4. Now if you were lucky you will get some free Microsoft points, a faceplate, or even a free game. If you get a game just enter your address and no name or email is needed. But usually you’ll end up with a code. That is your free Xbox Live gold for 48 – hour code.

5. Repeat as many times as you want making different screen-names and using different emails to get as many codes as you want, each code can be redeemed as a promotional code on your Xbox Live membership. NOTE: This only works on existing Gold memberships.

This promotion ends February 29, 2008