Over at PC World last Sunday, they listed products and services that they considered were a huge disappointment for the year 2007. What I found surprising is that they consider Windows Vista the #1 biggest disappointment. They site many reasons for making this assumption, some of which are valid, but than they turn around and say:

It’s not that Vista is awful. 

Does that make it awful disappointing or not awful and disappointing?  Or a little of both?

During the past year or so there have been many articles about the good and bad of Vista, and even a few insults. The lowest blow is when Vista was compared to Windows ME. Comments to some of my Vista articles have been varied. Some of you love it and some of you don’t love it so much.  So as not to get into a pissing contest, my feeling is to each his own. I personally consider Vista as being OK. Nothing more, nothing less.

But does it really deserve the title of the #1 biggest disappointment? Or is this just a headline grabber to increase reader response? I’m sitting on the fence on this one.

What do you think? Justified or not justified as being listed as the #1 biggest disappointment for 2007?

Comments welcome.

Link to the article is here.

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