“Just to show that the big names don’t have it all their own way, the Swedish-designed O2 Cocoon impressed us with looks and features. We like the cheap and stylish Sagem my150X and the Motorola FONE proved to be both clever and cost effective. The Nokia 7500’s mad design may not appeal to all, but you have to admit that it looks like nothing else.. apart from the Nokia 7900. Another mad looking phone is the Samsung Serenata, a handset that looks like it has dropped out of the future via a wormhole. Two Korean 5 megapixel camera phones fighting it out are the LG Viewty and the Samsung G800 – both seem to be excellent devices that will scare the competition. Another Nokia, the Nokia E90 brought the Communicator series bang up-to-date, but it didn’t really capture the public imagination.”

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