At this point, my current Windows Mobile phone’s touchscreen is becoming really buggy and I think it needs to be put down. It had a great run, had it for what seems like forever, yet I am finally ready to upgrade I think. The problem is that the only aspect of Windows Mobile that I find compelling anymore is the relative smooth use of my MS Exchange account through DSL Extreme’s Exchange hosting.

There are certain aspects of Windows Mobile that I like beyond that of ease with MS Exchange, yet at the same time, I am giving serious thought to going with an iPhone, assuming certain things can be overcome.

  • I need MS Exchange access. I am not talking about some half-solution with setting up IMAP for email, I mean I need the full deal – contacts, email without resorting to IMAP and perhaps most importantly, calendering.
  • If MS Exchange access is not available, then is there third party software to allow me to do this?
  • And if there is no third party software to help me out here, then I think I will need to explore something other than an iPhone.

Microsoft has been hit and miss with me for years. Xbox – huge hit, zero complaints. Windows Vista – wake me up when it stops sucking. Windows Mobile – generally good overall. Exchange – fantastic. The two compelling features an iPhone offers me that I actually care about include the great browser and touch technology that is not flaking out on me like with my Windows Mobile phone. And no, I am not willing to deal with the nightmare that is a local sync over USB or Bluetooth.
I am even open to a Blackberry! Seriously, would really like to hear from those of you out there facing similar issues. How did you overcome this type of challenge? Thanks everyone for any thoughts you may have.

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