It used to be fun to tease friends who are New York Knicks supporters. Now, it is just unkind. The New York Knicks fans were simply morose last night. After a win against the Cleveland Cavaliers, on Wednesday night, the victory sparked a bit of hope.

That hope was doused last evening in a game against the Charlotte Bobcats. Here are a few of the ‘lowlights’:

  • Bobcats scored 67 points – by half time
  • no Stephon Marbury
  • Isiah Thomas again questions the team’s effort for a full game
  • the game was essentially decided by half time

And so it goes. – For long term, loyal New York Knicks fans, this has become torturous. As one Knicks fan grumbled, when he was leaving at half time, Isiah Thomas probably could put on a uniform and be the best guard on the team. It should be noted that this weekend marks the fourth year that Isiah Thomas has been with the New York Knicks organization. It is only four years – it just seems longer.

Catherine Forsythe

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