To get this e-book you will have to sign up for some Microsoft offers – whether it’s as a Microsoft Certified Partner, as a System Builder, or in some other program – I don’t know. But if you walk the correct path 🙂 you won’t have to pay anything as I’m not currently a member of any paid MS programs and was able to register and download the e-book. Windows Server PowerShell Scripting Step by Step training is also included. If you cannot get the content send me an email via the form at the bottom of this page or to marc AT lockergnome dot com and I’ll do my best to resolve your problem.

Microsoft says, “the e-book… includes content from two recent publications: Introducing Windows Server 2008, by Mitch Tulloch and the Windows Server Team at Microsoft, and Microsoft Windows PowerShellT Step by Step, by Ed Wilson… Bookmark this Web site to access your benefits anytime.

“E-book chapters and special offers will be updated periodically. Eventually, the entire text from Introducing Windows Server 2008 will be available. Please keep this URL handy, and visit the site for additional chapters.”