With Christmas only a few days away, families should be thinking about what they can do to make Santa’s visit to their house a little easier.  Since Santa has to travel around the entire world in one night — he does not have a lot of time to stop in at every house.  Follow these tips to ensure Santa can safely do his duties in your house this Christmas Eve.

  1. Leave the Christmas Tree plugged in.  Santa does not have night vision.  If he cannot see in your living room — chances are you will wake up in the morning with some broken valubles.
  2. Put out the fire in the fire place a few hours before his arrival.  There is nothing worse than jumping down a chimney and landing on hot coals.
  3. Santa gets a lot of cookies — he may not be able to eat all of your cookies, especially right away.  Try wrapping his cookies in some saran wrap, so he can take them on the go.  Putting his milk in a thermus that he can take with him might help as well.  This way, the milk stays nice and cold.
  4. Instead of milk — try filling the above thermus with coffee or hot chocolate.  It can get very cold traveling around the world on a sleigh.
  5. Write Santa a note, let him know that you are thankful for all that he does.  Make sure to let him know that you have been good this year.
  6. Leave a treat for the Reindeer — they travel with Santa, and do a lot of the work.  Leaving some water and an Apple might earn you an extra gift!
  7. Do not wait up for Santa!  If he hears you in the living room, he might skip your house.  He loves his job — but he has a lot to do on Christmas Eve.  He doesn’t have time to stay in chitchat.

Following these simple tips should yield a successful Christmas.  Try some of them out this year, who knows — you might have some additions to the list!

Happy Holidays!