Every once in awhile the good guys win, and this recent court decision proves it. The tale goes that an anonymous blogger was using a Google blog to post some unflattering remarks about the actions of a township, in which the town was conducting what amounts to a witch hunt after a former city attorney. The township flexed it’s muscles and subpoenaed the records of Google stating it wanted to know the identity of the blogger, all emails he had sent and received, plus other privacy stuff. Finally a judge ruled that the subpoena was illegal since it violated the 1st Amendment rights of the secret blogger.

The blogger received assistance from the EFF [Electronic Frontier Foundation] which provided legal assistance in the bloggers behalf. Seems that the EFF has other issues that it is working on as well and you may wish to drop by their web site for a look-see.  Some are quite interesting.

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EFF site is here.

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