by the chimney with care.  Well, we don’t have a chimney but we do still hang up our stockings.  Yep, even though my brothers and sister are over 60 and I am staring it in the face, even though we don’t have a niece, nephew, or child under the age of 30, we all still hang up our stocking at my brother’s house.  That is where my side of the family gets together for Christmas brunch.  I think it is more in memory of my mother as she really enjoyed this Christmas tradition.

I am proud to say I made most of the items that went into the girl’s stockings.  For the last couple of years, I have been reading and learning about aromatherapy and working with essential oils.  It is a fascinating subject and I was able to make body and room sprays, bath salts, body scrubs, dream pillows, face scrubs and muscle rubs.  Their stockings are going to be full this year!

Joe and I have been saturating ourselves in Christmas movies.  You see, that is what you do when your kids grow up and leave home.  No little kids at home to fill the house with excitement and energy so you watch all your favorite old Christmas movies.  Joe just loves Christmas (me, I’m an Easter person) and all that goes with it.  I am wrapping my last gift this morning, making the spaghetti sauce for Christmas Eve dinner, and thinking of the busy Christmas Eve and Christmas day we will have!

I wish you all a joyous Christmas and if you are of other beliefs, I wish you all happiness in your “holiday” too. I think it is politically OK to wish EVERYONE a blessed New Year!