You do have to laugh. Now that the FTC has given the Google + Double-Click deal an OK, Microsoft is now attacking Google via the EU saying Google would be a monopoly. Apparently the approval of the EU is the last step that Google needs in order to close the deal. Yet Microsoft wants the EU to see this as anti-competitive and bad for everyone. Which begs one to ask. Who is this deal bad for? Consumers or Microsoft?

Microsoft appears to be getting frustrated with Google since the Googlers have an extended lead in the search field. They also command a lead in advertising dollars and have created quite a tidy empire for themselves. Microsoft has struggled with its version called MSN that hasn’t really put a dent into Google’s lead. Some are saying that the only way Microsoft can get back into the game is to buy Yahoo. Than maybe, just maybe, Microsoft can become a serious player.

I guess my question would be why? Why not let Google do its own thing? Does Microsoft have anything to really fear from Google? I know. I have read all the rhetoric about Google being a Microsoft slayer. That Google offering its online Web docs is going to hurt the sale of Microsoft Office. Or that Google could come out with a Linux based system that is going to clobber the Redmond giant. But is this just more wishful thinking by those who hate Microsoft?

Or is Microsoft doing it to itself?

What do you think?

Comments welcome.