The Internet contains an enormous amount of information, and you’re going to routinely find content that you’d like to quote and use on your blog or one of the many other Web sites or social networking profiles that you may have. The way that you do this is up to you, but for many of us, this process involves copying text or linking to an image and then giving proper attribution in the form of a simple note or a link. This isn’t exactly the most streamlined process in the world, but kwout has taken it and improved it in ways that you’ll appreciate.

The service uses a bookmarklet for your browser to achieve its goals, but you can also manually enter a URL to experience the functionality. A screenshot of the Web page to be used will be presented to you, and you can customize its size and then visually select the area that you want to quote. Anything that appears in the screenshot can be selected, so this includes content like text and images. Once the selection has been made, you can then embed it or post it directly to Flickr or Tumblr. One of the really nice thing about these quotes is that the hyperlinks remain active, so they aren’t just static images. Give kwout a try and see what you think.