There is no doubt that the use of low frequency radio waves is increasing in our environment. Whether at home or work, we are all being exposed to these type of radio waves from high tension wires, wireless Internet connections, cell phones, cordless phones, and many other devices that we use in our daily lives. But in several articles I have recently read, these low frequency radio waves are being compared to the dangers of smoking. But is this comparison justified or does more investigation need to be done to justify such a comparison?

Let’s face it, it took decades before scientific evidence finally convinced the masses that smoking was in fact a hazard to our health. Than another few more decades before smoking was finally being banned from public places. The same will hold true with our exposure to low frequency radio waves. There needs to be more scientific study and analysis since the current data is not conclusive that these radio waves are 100% dangerous to our health and well being.

So what is the best course of action we can take until the issue of radio waves is resolved? Try to limit the amount of exposure that you expose yourself to. If you walk around with a cell phone stuck in your ear morning and night, consider putting it down for awhile. When you are not using radio wave devices such as wireless routers think about turning them off.

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