“We can’t possibly put this guy on.” says the first man in a suit. “He’s irresponsible. He’s crazy. He’s out of his mind.”

“He’s dangerous.” the second suit agrees.

“Of course he is. The whole system could crumble. Who does he think he is, coming in like that, like a conscientious, concerned man speaking the truth? Doesn’t he know what this is about? Doesn’t he know what the truth could do? By God man, he could spell the end of it all.”

The second man nods his head in agreement. He crosses his arms and squints. “Dangerous.” he says. “Reckless.”

“Do they really think,” says the first man, “this democracy is real? Do they think they can actually vote for someone and he’ll win? Don’t they know how it all works?”

The second man thinks hard, tapping his chin with his finger. “We could run an American Gladiators marathon. Dumb people down a notch. They won’t notice he’s excluded from the debate.”

The first man claps his hands excitedly. “John, you’re an answer man. A real pro. Let’s get some Chinese.”