Now that we are on the verge of getting the final release of Vista SP1, maybe it is time to talk about what we consumers would like to see changed in the mega gigabyte operating system. Don’t get me wrong. Microsoft is going to address some of the concerns raised by consumers such as performance issues with this latest service pack. The public has spoken about poor performance in comparing Windows XP to Windows Vista. Some of the previous patches, including those that will be included with the first service pack, will definitely address these problems.

But are there other issue that need to be addressed?

Let me start. I would like to see a better discount for home users who have more than one computer in their home. The current discount for a multi-user pack is kind of skimpy in the savings. If Microsoft really wanted to kick Vista sales in the rump, why not offer a buy one get one free deal like they are offering to Vista testers? No additional disk would be needed just an additional product key which could be sent by email. Seems simple to me.

What would you like to see?

Comments welcome.

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