During most of 2007 we have all read about how many US companies have expanded their operations to the China marketplace. But Lenovo, an Asian PC manufacturing company, is turning their sights on the US consumer market instead. After Lenova bought the rights to IBM computers, the China based computer company has concentrated their efforts on US business systems only. Now they are turning their attention to the US consumer market.

At the Consumer Electronics Show scheduled for next week, Lenovo will introduce three new laptop systems with some advanced features including facial recognition software. This advance feature will allow users to log onto the system without the need for passwords. This in itself should be an interesting feature. It is being reported that the new Lenovo units will start at $799 and up.

Lenovo will have a hard road trying to climb up the consumer notebook sales ladder that is dominated by HP/Compaq, Dell and Acer.

The new Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 laptop can be seen here.

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