The Iowa caucuses are done. The New Hampshire primaries are next. Some candidates for the presidency have stopped their campaign and others are busy spinning the results. As the people watch the process unfolding, it is curious as to whether any of the candidates truly understands what a majority of the people are experiencing. One wonders if…

  • if any candidate has stood at a self serve gas pump and watch how a tank of gas eats into the family budget.
  • if any candidate has been in a grocery store and paid for a carton of milk.
  • if any candidate has had to look a pay check, count the days on the calendar and cut corners to the next pay day.

Political rhetoric is engaging. It is stirring. It would be much more meaningful if the political candidates could experience the real day-to-day hardships of the average citizen. Perhaps it speaks to the enduring optimism of the average citizen that people remain hopeful that one of these very rich politicians can understand the concerns of ‘we the people’.

Catherine Forsythe

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