Last year the technical college where I live opened a new campus that caters to those who are seeking curriculum in the computer related field. Many of the classes are designed for those who are either new to computers, need specialized training on specific computer software or who want to sharpen their skills in more advanced topics such as networking and the like. Most of the classes being offered are specifically designed for businesses though some classes do cater to home users. As I went through the catalog of classes being offered, I noted one surprising fact. There were no classes being offered for Windows Vista, just Windows XP, which I found surprising since Vista has been out for well over a year.

During the summer I had met one of the instructors who teaches computer courses for the college, I noted her name still listed for the Spring 2008 schedule. I gave her a call and inquired why Windows XP was still being offered and not Windows Vista? In the back of my mind I was sure I already knew the answer but wanted her insight as well. She stated that there was no demand from businesses thus far to even begin offering Windows Vista as part of the curriculum. She stated that back in September 2007 some 90 businesses with 25 employees or more were contacted and none had begun to use Vista. She also stated what was really surprising was the fact that none of the businesses even planned on upgrading to Vista during 2008.

While this in no way is a indication that every learning institute is following the same course of action, nor does it indicate that businesses are not planning on using Vista down the road, it may be an indication of something else. That Windows XP is just to good to give up right now. It seems that Microsoft has done a great job with Windows XP after SP2 and that many companies may be reluctant to change. Since Microsoft is extending support for Windows XP until 2011, businesses may be somewhat reluctant to upgrade until they are forced to.

Again this is just where I live. How about where you live? Are businesses in your area flocking to Vista or are they taking a wait and see approach?

Comments welcome.

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