This morning I read that Bill Gates made at statement at CES [Consumer Electronics Show] in Las Vegas that Windows Vista has already sold 100 million copies. The reference was that this was 10% more than Windows XP had sold during it’s original first year launch. At first glance one would conclude that Windows Vista is a huge success and is garnering a huge market share. But is it really? Or are these numbers misleading?

Well according to one article that I read here this number can be interrupted another way.

According to Gartner however, worldwide shipments of PCs have almost doubled from 132.4 million units back in 2002 – where Windows XP was launched, to 255.7 million units last year.

So in theory that would mean that Windows XP had actually garnered about 67% of the new PC market when it was released whereas Windows Vista has only come up with about 39% of the new PC market.

So what do you think? Should we be amazed at this or should we even care?

Commenst welcome.

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