For the past several weeks there have been rumors floating around the Internet about something Panasonic was going to be introducing at the CES [Consumer Electronic Show], being held in Las Vegas. Rumor had it that this was going to be big, very big. So when Panasonic demoed its 150″ plasma TV, the BIG was verified. The size of the TV according to an article over at Wired, found here, is huge.

Panasonic indicates that this new model will:

It’s the “World’s Largest Flat Panel,” which they call the Life Screen. And it’s not just about size, it’s about a “new level of image quality.” It has 4 times the resolution of their current display, and even though I’m more than 20 feet away, it looks impressive. One caveat with this presentation: They should have used Tatiana the tiger from the San Francisco Zoo, it would definitely raise a hair or two.

Announcement: Panasonic has an exclusive deal with The Beijing Olympics to be the official digital video provider. (Wait, didn’t Microsoft just announce the same deal yesterday?) This is interesting. Some of the tech is being used by the athletes to help them out and train them (no details on that though).

Oh yeah. This bad boy is only 1″ thick. There was no mention on a possible price for this TV.

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