In the past, you may have heard of Linux CDs like Knoppix, being used to help users to recover data from failed Windows installations due to malware or other problems. But did you know that there are ways of repairing Windows without booting into Windows or Linux? Check this out…

  • Using AVG Live CD -You read this right, there is a bootable CD offered by Grifsoft that will allow AVG fans to attack both virus attacks and general malware as well. It is not cheap, but it could be worthwhile for removing a nasty spyware infection for the IT pro when it comes to a client’s PC.
  • Using Avast Live CD– Unlike AVG, this Live CD only provides the user access to the anti-virus goods, not the general malware removal that is becoming more common than viruses on those old XP boxes.
  • Using the Ultimate Boot CD– Best of the best, as far as I am concerne. Use of this Live CD is free, it provides an anti-virus, malware removal, among a host of other helpful tools. Working in the PC industry without this CD in your toolbox is simply irresponsible as far as I am concerned.

Can you spot the clear winner? I can – the Ultimate Boot CD is the best solution for bailing out a PC infested with all the nasties of the internet. Try it for yourself, I think you will agree.