Some news that is coming out of the CES [Consumer Electronics Show] in Las Vegas this week is coming from Zoran Corporation. According to their spokesperson, the company is predicting a new type of disruptive technology that is looming in our future.

According to the article here, disruptive technology is any technology that either “is one that changes our lives in a drastic and positive way.”

With this in mind Zoran Corporation is proposing embedding micro processors chips under our skin stating this will provide valuable information that could extend our lives. I am guessing that these chips would provide information about us that could be used for health care purposes. 

Are we going to be scanned like a can of Del Monte peas at a super market?

Is this the only information that these chips will provide?

Or can these chips obviously be used for other purposes beside health care? 

Not to get into the religious aspect of this controversial development, but isn’t this what some are saying will eventually lead us to the end of the world?

 What do you think?

Comments welcome.

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